Cayman Islands Events

Whether you are into culinary activities, history, sporting events, or just enjoy being active while on vacation. The Cayman Islands offer many local events each month for leisure travel and family vacation activities. The below list of events were put together based on location and online travel reviews. When visiting the Cayman Islands, be sure to research additional event options, as some luxury hotels host their own special events throughout the year.

1. Cayman Islands Triathlon (January)

2. Pirates Week (November)

3. Cayman Island Marathon (December)

4. Woman’s World Squash Open (December)

5. Cayman Cookout (January)

6. Taste Of Cayman (January)

7. Mardi Gras at Kaibo (February)

8. Million Dollar Run (April)

9. Cayman Islands International Fishing (May)

10. The International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and the Internatinal Underwater Film Festival (November)

Before booking your private charter flight, take some time to plan out all local event options for your vacation. Local event scheduling can change at a moments notice.